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Frequently Asked Questions

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How the hell do I use this thing?

Good question. Zap's job is to take all the technical stuff and turn it into a beautiful and intuitive interface. With that being said it is still early and we are still learning about the Lightning Network and how it should look for you all, so in the meantime we put together some video tutorials that will walk you through all the basic features within' Zap if you ever get stuck. You can find the videos on Youtube here or in Zap under the "Help" section.

It's broken. Help.

Damn, sorry about that.

We're here to help everyone easily use lightning and will try our best to respond to each issue (unlike Coinbase, we actually mean it). If you're feeling lazy you can try and tweet @ln_zap or @JackMallers. If you really want to be heard, be helpful, and fix your issue, you should hit us up on slack or create an issue on github.

Am I the only one that has no idea what's going on?

No, of course not.

We try and make things as simple as we can but it's a process. We would love to help clear up some confusion and hear about your experience. Please feel free to join our slack and ask us whatever is on your mind.

Sir this is testnet, when mainnet?

All Zap releases will be testnet only until further notice. Once the LND protocol devs and the broader Lightning community feel comfortable onboarding the general public onto the Lightning Network and encouraging the use of real money, we will release Zap on mainnet. We understand there’s a huge demand for Lightning applications but we will not let external politics get in the way of sound engineering and user safety. :)

The future is here, just one step at a time!

What is a "contact" in Zap?

Adding a contact in Zap is really establishing a connection with a remote peer and opening a channel with that peer.

I just added a contact but can't make a payment yet

It takes 6 confirmations for contacts to be advertised. Usually this happens when a contact (also known as a channel) has a few confirmations but not enough to be advertised to the network