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The future of bitcoin payments

Trustlessly send and receive bitcoin instantly with minimal fees via the Lightning Network

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A bitcoin wallet that helps you send and receive cheap and instant payments


No business model or investors

Throughout bitcoin's lifetime, we have seen many companies create incentives that misalign with the broader community and/or its users by relying on a business model or outside investors. Zap has no business model and no investors. Only open-source code that is built and driven by the community.

Open-source development

Come one, come all. Zap is open source and welcomes all help. Not only from developers but also from designers, copywriters, logo/icon creators, etc. We have an open-development policy and are only committed to helping people and companies accomplish their goals via the Lightning Network.

Pushing bitcoin forward

How does Bitcoin scale? The multi billion dollar question. Zap is helping push the type of innovation needed in the Bitcoin space to answer that question. By developing on top of the Lightning Network and testing out new technology like neutrino, we could see a much more consumer facing bitcoin in the near future.


Ushering in a new era

Bitcoin is entering a more consumer-facing era as technology like the Lightning Network evolves. As passionate cryptocurrency geeks, bitcoiners, HODLers, developers, designers, traders, and more--this is an exciting mission and task for us all.

"We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us" Marshall McLuhan

Think of the light bulb, the car, the internet. These tools were designed and shaped, and then our world adapted to them. A new revolutionary technology is upon us. How do we want it to look? How do we want it to make us feel? What jobs are we helping people accomplish with these new tools? Zap is dedicated to and focused on designing beautiful tools for bitcoin and the Lightning Network, tools that will help deliver a great experience and push the world forward in what we hope is the right direction.